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New monthly topics will be uploaded throughout 2024 at no extra cost! 
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Topic 1 - Content Marketing 

Sample Lesson

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We will share with you everything you ever wanted to know and then more, with monthly updates with topics added.

Content Marketing 

  • Platforms
  • Content Types
  • Multi-channel approach
  • Streamline Distribution
  • MUCH more...

Content Planning

  • Objective
  • Series/Adverts
  • Pre-Production
  • Digital Downloads
  • MUCH more...

Kit & Software

  • Smartphone Accesories¬†
  • Sound¬†
  • Lighting¬†
  • Editing¬†
  • Much more...

Camera Theory

  • Composition
  • Exposing an Image
  • Focal Length
  • Movement Mistakes
  • Much more...

Film - Smartphone 

  • Best Settings - Control¬†
  • Best Settings - Speed
  • Beginner Mistakes
  • Managing Data
  • Much more...

Audio - Smartphone 

  • Best Settings¬†¬†
  • Best Techniques
  • Theory
  • Beginner Mistakes
  • Much more...


  • Natural Light Sources
  • Budget Pro Look
  • Positioning¬†
  • Theory
  • Much more...

Video Editing Theory

  • Viral formula
  • Storytelling
  • Theory
  • Beginner Mistakes
  • Much more...

Video Editing - Smartphone 

  • Applications¬†
  • Finding Music
  • Managing Data
  • Graphics
  • Much more...

Photo - Smartphone

  • Best Settings
  • Applications¬†
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Managing Data
  • Much more...

Release, Results, Repeat

  • Distribute Content
  • Engagement Tactics
  • Analytics
  • Debreif
  • Much more...

BONUS: Get Started

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Reels
  • Much more...

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You will learn our streamlined processes and theories. We will recommend what equipment and software to use.
New monthly topics will be uploaded throughout 2024 at no extra cost. Save yourself months (if not years).

Level up your businesses TikTok, YouTube & LinkedIn channels, with content creation in-house. 

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